Business Needs
"Using ARCHIBUS and a custom Web application, the Office of Capital and Physical Planning has been able to provide essential facilities information to the entire campus, greatly reduce the annual space inventory process, and centralize data and CAD drawings. All of these capabilities translate into cost savings, increased efficiency, and more informed decision-making."
Bill Freire
Manager of Information Technology
University of California, Riverside

ARCHIBUS Facilities and Real Estate Management Software: Meeting Your Operational and Environmental Goals

While others may talk about comprehensive solutions, ARCHIBUS has been delivering them for over 30 years. Our strengths in applications and platform technology provide a high level of product reliability and service from a company with a global reach and a strong vision of customer needs reflected in a robust development road map.

To achieve the goal of providing more sophisticated management of real estate, infrastructure and facilities, recent ARCHIBUS product achievements have included the integration of new Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities from Autodesk, Inc. as well as Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities from industry leader ESRI, Inc., and our own award-winning Total Environmental Asset Management System (TEAMS).

Lower Total Occupancy Cost

Reduce Your Total Cost of Occupancy

Real estate, infrastructure, and facility professionals can drive down the total cost of occupancy, identify underutilized capital trapped within their physical asset portfolio, and reallocate resources to help fund core missions.

Strategic Value

Achieve Environmental and Sustainability Goals

Whether your environmental aspirations are self-directed or in response to government mandates, instituting sound environmental management practices can not only benefit society at large, it can actually improve your bottom line.

Strategic Value

Create Strategic Value for your Organization

Educate. Consolidate. Integrate. IWMS solutions from ARCHIBUS help you create information technology synergies and rationalize operations to make your organization more competitive.