Call Center Wizard
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Calgary Health Region
Hamilton County, OH (2012)
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University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
Scripps Networks
City of Hamilton, ON
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"We can’t yet quantify savings in time, money, or aggravation, but we do know that things are a lot better than they used to be."
Orlinda Gray
Director of Corporate Facilities
Scripps Networks

Call Center Wizard

Streamline work order and help desk processing to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction


  • Streamlines the work order process to reduce administrative costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduces processing time by displaying critical information and filtering out irrelevant data
  • Updates work orders instantly to provide up-to-the-minute status reports
  • Deploys quickly and easily with minimal training while maintaining existing business practices

Call Center Wizard Screenshot
The Call Center Wizard makes it easy to check on the status of any work request

The fluctuating nature of on demand work or help desk activity makes it difficult for organizations to predict the volume of work requests or plan in advance of needs. Any tool that can help better manage the process will improve help desk productivity and enhance customer service. The ARCHIBUS Call Center Wizard can successfully extend responsibility for work request management processing to everyone in the organization. It streamlines the work order process while supporting existing business practices. Compress processing time to increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs, all with minimal training.