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Latest COBie Challenge Recognizes ARCHIBUS for Consuming COBIE Data Based on Public Challenge Parameters

February 07, 2012 — Boston, Massachusetts

ARCHIBUS, Inc. (, the #1 solution for real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management in the world, announces that the buildingSMART alliance™ has recognized ARCHIBUS software as having demonstrated the ability to consume Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) data based on the most recent COBie public challenge parameters.

This recognition was given following the alliance’s December 2011 COBie Challenge in Washington DC, a public event which focused on the production and consumption of COBie data by Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Computerized Asset Management Systems (CAMS). In this Challenge, design software vendors imported a set of simulated facility management information for the Common BIM files project, the Medical/Dental Clinic. The specific model file used was the COBie Handover file (ZIP).

An independent assessment of ARCHIBUS’ ability to meet the COBie data format and data quality requirements was made, results were evaluated, and the designation awarded. The COBie standard is a part of the National Building Information Model Standard (NBIMS).

The independent assessment was conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, an NBIMS-supporting government agency, on behalf of the National Institute of Building Sciences, within which the buildingSMARTalliance serves as a formal council.

The Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) format is a non-proprietary platform for the exchange of building design data that includes facility lifecycle data needed by facility managers. The COBie approach is to enter the data as it is created during design, construction, and commissioning. Designers provide floor, space, and equipment layouts. Contractors provide make, model, and serial numbers of installed equipment. Much of the data provided by contractors comes directly from product manufacturers who can also participate in COBie.

"Establishing and following an industry standard such as COBie is essential for both seamless information exchange and to fully leverage vital building lifecycle data for greater operational efficiency and lower cost of occupancy," remarked ARCHIBUS president and CEO Bruce K. Forbes.

Government Mandate Underscores COBie Compliance Importance

COBie is among the growing list of standards being promoted by the federal government for greater cost-efficiency in the construction, management, and maintenance of its buildings.

The U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Department of State's Overseas Building Operations currently require the delivery of COBie data in their contracts. Because COBie is required by the government, it is also becoming increasingly important to the entire construction and facilities management sectors, where it is being adopted on a wider scale.

The benefits from GSA-wide COBie adoption, for example, are the consistent delivery of correctly-installed equipment information of all types without incurring any additional cost in worker time or other expense. COBie data can also be directly loaded into any maintenance management system or third-party software, such as ARCHIBUS, that is compliant with the standard.

2011 COBie Challenge Version

The December 2011 COBie Challenge exercised the COBie 2.4 version which had been specifically introduced for two reasons; (1) it ensures consistency between the SPie product data exchanges and COBie format, and (2) it also ensures compliance with United Kingdom mandate for COBie which begins in 2012. COBie 2.4 is backward compatible with previous COBie versions from 2.24 forward.

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