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"With ARCHIBUS, our team can provide these clients accurate, on-line reports on rooms and equipment usage. These reports are the key to prorating charges among Elion's individual employees and cost centers…"
Juta Klettenberg
Administrative Department Manager
Elion Enterprises, Ltd. (EE)


Learn how to take full advantage of ARCHIBUS to enhance your productivity. ARCHIBUS, Inc. offers a wide range of training options to serve all levels of trainees -from novice through advanced- and allows you to design a curriculum that best meets your specific requirements.

Courses can be arranged and customized for an organization's special requirements and delivered on-site. If you are interested in on-site training, please contact the Training Coordinator at or call 617-227-2508.

SI301 - System Integration: View Definition

ARCHIBUS "System Integration: View Definition" is a 1-day hands-on session exploring Web Central's built-in report and dashboard writers, the View Definition and Dashboard Definition Wizards.

SI302 - System Integration: Web Central

ARCHIBUS “System Integration: Web Central” is a 2-day hands-on session designed to extend the capabilities of the Web Central product using underlying technology. The course teaches how to create custom reports, forms, and dashboards that are tailored to the processes of your organization and to create buttons, links, document fields, and exporting capabilities that help the wider organization take advantage of the rich repository of data stored in ARCHIBUS.

SI303 - System Integration: Web Central - Advanced

ARCHIBUS “System Integration: Web Central – Advanced” is a 2-day hands-on session exploring the Web Central interface and underlying technology. This course teaches how to extend the interface in order to design custom workflows and calculations, send email notifications, add HTML and CSS components, compile code, and much more.

SI304 – Mobile Application Development

ARCHIBUS Mobile Application Development is a 3-day course designed to teach the skills needed to administer, modify, and create ARCHIBUS mobile apps.

TR-530 - Update Training

ARCHIBUS Update Training is a 2-day course designed to teach the technical concepts and application updates incorporated into the latest ARCHIBUS release. This course covers a variety of topics and is often split into application and technical tracks to accommodate client-facing and development teams. While the course is designed for business partners with a focus on new product functionality, it oftentimes covers technical material. Enrollment in the course is strongly encouraged for all partners who need to stay on the cutting edge of ARCHIBUS development. Courses in different regions may vary based on regional requirements. The topics outlined below represent the topics for the V.22 release.

Note: The minimum class size in Boston is three (3). The minimum class size in Reston, VA is six (6). Attendees are responsible for transportation and other expenses incurred while attending training. If a class is under-subscribed, it may be canceled or rescheduled at the discretion of ARCHIBUS, Inc. ARCHIBUS, Inc. assumes no responsibility for penalties or fees incurred for advanced, special rate, or non-cancelable fares. Cancellation by the student within five (5) business days before the class date will result in payment of 50% of the course fee if the seat cannot be filled. Cancellation by the student within three (3) business days before the class date will result in payment of 100% of the course fee if the seat cannot be filled.