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"Through the use of the ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning, First National is able to maintain data integrity in our facility planning efforts by providing a tool for business units to provide and track their growth projections. This effort improves the accuracy of our planning data for developing long-range, strategic projections as well as for identifying day-to-day tactical planning options to maximize the corporation's use of its facilities investment."
Phyllis Futch
Facility Planning Officer
First National Buildings

TR310 - System Integration: Foundations

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Location Dates Price
Reston, VA, USA Jun. 05, 2017 - Jun. 05, 2017 USD $500.00
Boston, MA, US Jul. 10, 2017 - Jul. 10, 2017 USD $500.00
Reston, VA, USA Sep. 25, 2017 - Sep. 25, 2017 USD $500.00
Boston, MA, US Dec. 04, 2017 - Dec. 04, 2017 USD $500.00

ARCHIBUS "System Integration: Foundations" is a 1-day hands-on session exploring Web Central's built-in report and dashboard writers, the View Definition and Dashboard Definition Wizards. The View Definition Wizard is taught in both the EU101 and SA201 courses, but this course takes an in-depth look at the tool across a variety of applications and includes practice working with templates for paginated reporting. This course is designed for the ARCHIBUS integrator responsible for report writing and dashboard creation and is designed to help integrators become proficient in the two tools. ARCHIBUS recommends familiarity with common database tables and fields.


Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: TR - 101 Fundamentals (or equivalent)


Course topics:


Day 1      Views and Dashboard Definition

  • Grid Reports (Space Planning & Management)
    • Virtual Fields
  • Edit Forms (Real Estate Portfolio Management)
  • Column Reports (Asset Management)
  • Charts & Graphs (Building Operations)
    • Cross-tab reports
    • Pie, Line, Column, and Bar
    • Multiple Groupings
  • Paginated Reports (Move Management)
    • Drawing Reports
    • Drawing Report Settings
    • Word Template Development
    • Adding Paginated Reports to Views
  • Dashboard Definition
    • Modifying Layouts
Note: The minimum class size in Boston is three (3). Attendees are responsible for transportation and other expenses incurred while attending training. If a class is under-subscribed, it may be canceled or rescheduled at the discretion of ARCHIBUS, Inc. ARCHIBUS, Inc. assumes no responsibility for penalties or fees incurred for advanced, special rate, or non-cancelable fares. Cancellation by the student within five (5) business days before the class date will result in payment of 50% of the course fee if the seat cannot be filled. Cancellation by the student within three (3) business days before the class date will result in payment of 100% of the course fee if the seat cannot be filled.