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TR220 - System Administration: Intermediate Techniques

Please select from the available list of training classes below to register:

Location Dates Price
Boston, MA, US Jun. 28, 2017 - Jun. 29, 2017 USD $1,000.00
Reston, VA, USA Aug. 24, 2017 - Aug. 25, 2017 USD $1,000.00
Boston, MA, US Sep. 13, 2017 - Sep. 14, 2017 USD $1,000.00
Reston, VA, USA Oct. 26, 2017 - Oct. 27, 2017 USD $1,000.00

ARCHIBUS System Administration: Intermediate Techniques is an intensive 2-day course that covers how to leverage the open nature of the database and its supporting technology. The course builds on the topics introduced in TR-210 by covering topics like database modification and upgrades, performance metric development, printed output configuration, and intermediate Connector development. This course is designed for the system and database administrators responsible for managing the database, developing key metrics, controlling printed output, and integrating the database with other systems.

Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: TR-101 Fundamentals (or equivalent), and TR-290 System Administration Foundations
Price: $ 1000 USD

Course topics:

Day 1 System Optimization (ARCHIBUS Administrator)

  • Performance Metric Definition
  • Connectors: Intermediate Techniques
  • XML import and Export
  • Web Services
  • Printed Output definition
  • Developing Drawing Publishing Rules
  • Developing Drawing plans
  • Configuring printed output and templates (DOC, PPT, etc.)
  • Multi-currency and unit support (if time permits)

Day 2 Database Management (Database Administrator)

  • Schema modification
  • Schema definition
  • Migrations and Upgrades