Underlying all ARCHIBUS applications is the ARCHIBUS platform,
with profound benefits that cannot be matched by alternative point solutions


ARCHIBUS has the proven capacity to scale up to the needs of the world’s largest organizations, including multi-national corporations and governments.


ARCHIBUS applications are designed to seamlessly integrate data with other systems. ARCHIBUS also integrates with leading data modeling technologies like BIM, CAD, GIS, and more.


ARCHIBUS is designed to allow for an easy configuration of your interface, menus and portals to suite the unique needs of your workflow.


ARCHIBUS takes extra steps to protect your data. Get peace of mind knowing that your system is air-tight.


Saved Every Year by All Organizations Using ARCHIBUS


Organizations using ARCHIBUS


Available Languages (with Plenty Room for More)


Countries with Local ARCHIBUS Service

A Winning Network


The ARCHIBUS community of users, providers, and developers is an exceptional resource for support, collaboration, and growth.

Share experiences and best practices, forge business relationships, and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends. Connect online, or attend in-person conferences and user groups.

With ARCHIBUS, you are never alone when it comes to taking on any challenge.

Strength in Community


The ARCHIBUS network of providers is truly global, capable of providing local service in over 190 countries and over 30 languages.

The ARCHIBUS network includes consultants with expertise in specific sectors, technologies, and types of organizations. Whatever challenges you are facing, there is someone close-by with the experience you need to help.

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