ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Integrating Space Planning & Occupancy Management with IoT

ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

The ARCHIBUS Difference

Experience counts, as well as Expertise. World class ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions for smart buildings are a result of the experience and expertise gained helping organizations maximize the value of their space.

Every second of every day, ARCHIBUS customers utilize the powerful software capabilities of ARCHIBUS to make space- saving, revenue-generating, and productivity-enhancing decisions that impact their real estate portfolios.

Seamless Integration with Sensors and Locational Technologies

ARCHIBUS integrates seamlessly with a variety of smart technologies that detect space occupancy and locational presence as shown in Figure 1.

Track Real-Time Space Utilization with Heat Maps

Unleash the potential of IoT with real-time utilization tracking in ARCHIBUS. Figure 2 shows a space utilization report with a color-coded heat map derived from room sensors that helps track real room utilization aggregated over time right within ARCHIBUS floor plan views.

Use this powerful capability to monitor secure locations, ensure compliance with space occupancy limits, and adjust space allocation to events and groups to better fit needs and lower total cost of occupancy.

Powerful Reports to Drive Decision-Making

The powerful reporting capabilities of ARCHIBUS IoT solutions drive space planning and occupancy strategies even in the most complex or large real estate portfolios.

Real-time occupancy data collected, collated, and aggregated over time delivers valuable trending information on important metrics such as space utilization and headcount. Trending reports can be generated for any period of time. Figure 3 shows a report for headcount and utilization rate over a period from 9 AM to 5 PM, configured with an hourly reporting interval.

Achieve Unparalleled Benefits

With ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions, space planning and occupancy management reach new levels of effectiveness. Using occupancy data collected from IoT technologies embedded within your organization’s smart building ecosystem, ARCHIBUS helps you:

  • Reduce real estate footprint, negotiate favorable lease agreements, and lower costs by identifying underutilized facilities, spaces, and seats.
  • Maximize occupant productivity by resizing and reconfiguring spaces of any type (office, open plan, conference, etc.) to fit mission objectives.
  • Use trending occupancy data to ensure fairness in space allocations and space chargeback agreements for teams and individuals across the organization.
  • Accurately bill facility occupants for actual space use, and for spaces booked but not occupied.
  • Forecast near to mid-term utilization of existing space inventory, and inform decisions to expedite or delay capital expansion projects.

Realize The Benefits of IoT With An ARCHIBUS Expert By Your Side

You know the benefits of integrating IoT into your space inventory and occupancy infrastructure. ARCHIBUS Professional Services can provide the guidance and solutions you need to help you get there.

As your partner along your IoT journey, ARCHIBUS Professional Services will:

  • Perform a thorough analysis of your space inventory and occupancy needs
  • Select appropriate sensor technology that provides actionable information for your ARCHIBUS users
  • Provide and implement software to transfer sensor data from the sensor database to ARCHIBUS
  • Customize your space utilization reports derived from sensor data
  • Perform end-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT) from the sensors to report generation in ARCHIBUS
  • Deliver training to ARCHIBUS users on new reports and forms

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