Centralize and Optimize Management of Your Real Estate Portfolio on One Platform

ARCHIBUS provides a centralized view of your portfolio; with metrics, automation, and GIS

Tracking, administrating, and optimizing a vast real estate portfolio is no easy task given the amount of stakeholders, operations, and costs surrounding every property.

ARCHIBUS applications not only automate the administrative processes around managing your properties, but provide key intelligence in evaluating the performance of your entire portfolio.

Through a visual interface of interactive GIS maps and dashboards, users can predict future needs, identify risks/opportunities, and drill into the most detailed data on any aspect of a given property.

Strategic Financial Analysis
ARCHIBUS Strategic Financial Analysis provides a total overview of real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets and costs.

5 Benefits of ARCHIBUS as a Real Estate Platform

1. Centralize Accurate Real Estate Data, Connect Stakeholders

ARCHIBUS applications work as one system, presenting a complete inventory of your real estate portfolio. Integrate external sources like accounting and HR systems, as well as internal databases from building operations, space management, asset management, and more to centralize all real estate and building data. Data inputted on different applications by real estate portfolio managers, building managers, or maintenance workers ends up on one accurate, centralized system.

2. Integrate with GIS, BIM, and CAD

Locate and evaluate key information and processes by interacting with 2D and 3D models of buildings and floorplans, as well as GIS maps with intuitive data filters. Track people, places, utilities, assets and processes by navigating between integrated visual displays.

3. Evaluate with Reporting and Metrics

Receive in depth analytics, metrics, and reports based on detailed data on all aspects of each property, including detailed lease data, space use, maintenance costs, energy use and so much more. Identify outliers, track trends, and filter information.

4. Automate Administration for Speed and Accuracy

Stay on top of key deadlines with automated alerts, schedule key actions, get guided through complex procedures with intuitive wizards, and generate reporting on key metrics with sophisticated calculations– all in one system. ARCHIBUS applications streamline every aspect of Real Estate administration with precise automation.

5. Integrate and Automate Compliance

ARCHIBUS applications automate and streamline compliance with industry standards and regulations. Stay on top of local and international standards with key updates, wizards, and tools to keep your organization ahead of the compliance curve.

Romanian Oil and Gas Company Reducing Portfolio 30%

Learn how centralizing real estate and space management on one system enabled one of Europe’s largest employer’s to drastically reduce their portfolio.

Which ARCHIBUS Applications Optimize Real Estate Strategy?

ARCHIBUS Applications under the Real Estate Portfolio Management Domain fall under the two primary categories below.

Applications Breakdown

Optimize Real Estate Administration

Cost Chargeback & Invoicing

Calculate and Automate Real Estate Chargebacks

Calculate the exact shared cost of building operational expenses, with automated calculations based on detailed data. Generate accurate reports, automate invoicing with precision and transparency.

  • Calculate precise reports on tenants’ shared costs and building expenses
  • Allocate costs precisely to internal cost centers and external tenants with Chargeback Wizard
  • Automate billing and payment with Invoicing/Receivables Wizard
  • Decrease administrative errors with invoice/payment monitoring

>> Chargeback internal space use within your organization, with Space Chargebacks

Cost Administration

Centralize Cost Data, Automate Cost Processes

Cost Administration is the main repository of cost data used by all ARCHIBUS applications. Categorize all organizational costs and filter down by cost types. Automate payments.

  • Filter costs by type to understand your specific financial commitments
  • identify outliers and understand multiple cost perspectives
  • Integrate with financial systems to centralize data and automate payments
  • Collect life cycle cost data through intuitive Wizard
  • Automate compliance with FASB standards
  • Plan effectively with advanced cost analysis/projection capabilities

Lease Administration

Centralize Lease Data, Automate Lease Processes

Collect all lease data into one system. Sort Lease data into multiple perspectives, gather insightful reporting, and automate key processes to stay on top of key deadlines.

  • Manage your entire lease commitment in one intuitive console
  • Receive alerts for important lease deadlines
  • Streamline administration by automating collection of accurate, real-time data
  • Understand impact of leases with strategic information, analysis, and reporting
  • Easily view critical information, like tenant and landlord responsibilities

Optimize Overall Portfolio Strategy

Advanced Portfolio Forecasting

Simulate and Evaluate Portfolio Strategies

Optimize your portfolio with this advanced scenario planning tool. Simulate scenarios to view how each scenario impacts key metrics, and identify critical needs in the short, medium and long-term.

  • Align multiyear strategic portfolio plan with overall business plan objectives
  • Project costs for advanced portfolio forecasting of space requirements
  • Simulate scenarios based on granular data, and evaluate impact across various timeframes
  • Evaluate alternative space configurations, leased/owned scenarios, and projects

Portfolio Management

Evaluate Real Estate Cost and Occupancy

Get a strategic overview of your entire real estate inventory. Track costs and occupancy with visual dashboards and metrics, and analysis that lets you track trends and understand how your leases and operations impact your core business.

  • Integrate lease, cost, and occupancy data in visual KPI dashboards
  • Navigate visual GIS maps to pull up comprehensive data on various properties and buildings
  • Track trends and flag properties that are under performing

Strategic Financial Analysis

Evaluate and Analyze Total Cost of Ownership

Strategic Financial Analysis (SFA) is a strategic overview of all capital and operational expenses organization wide, so you can assess total cost of ownership with granular detail. Drill into costs on all leases, fixed assets, maintenance, utilities and more. Go beyond real estate, and understand the financial impact of all operations.

  • View all capital and operational expenses across the entire organization
  • Filter costs into key perspectives and categories, track key financial metrics
  • Aggregate information into interactive GIS map
  • Centralize detailed data on leases, maintenance, occupancy, sustainability, fixed assets, and more!
  • Compare benchmarks and monitor performance trends for assets including structures, properties, buildings, and equipment

An effective real estate strategy depends on an effective space strategy. Learn more.


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