6 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss ARCHIBUS Nexus

Why Nexus is an investment that keeps on giving

When one business partner referred to the ARCHIBUS Nexus conference as a genesis for everything that follows, he was stating a fact known to anyone who has made the trip.

In three short days, the density of ideas, practical training, and networking can be transformative for the respective organizations of attendees. There is a reason that so many return each year – they know the value that they’re going to bring back.

In the short and long-term, it’s critical that organizations solve problems early to minimize their cost, and seize new opportunities as soon as possible to maximize their returns. Nexus has a way of revealing to attendees what is the best possible track for their organizations, so to flesh out exactly what that means, here are 6 ways that Nexus can impact your organization for years to come:

1. Training: Your system is only as good as your staff.

A management system is only as strong as the practices in place, and sadly, many organizations leave too much value on the table by either misusing or underusing the systems they have put in place. Any ARCHIBUS system only becomes stronger with use and time, as the bank of reliable data expands, and staff become more skilled with the processes.

Lack of training can undercut this process by compromising data integrity, or leaving core functions unused. Hands-on training offered in the days leading up to the conference ensures that staff are well versed in their core tasks, and fully aware of the capabilities at their disposal for reducing costs, saving time, enhancing productivity, and even generating revenue.

2. New Solutions: It’s amazing to see how others use the software.

One of the most exciting aspects of Nexus is seeing how other companies are implementing the technologies and strategies. Nexus is often where a bright idea turns into a best practice, as thought-leaders redefine the ways that ARCHIBUS is used.

There is always a different way to work, a new way to connect people, or an ingenious strategy for generating savings and revenue.

3. Supportive Relationships: Every connection is a long-term resource.

As the role of facility manager continues to expand, responsibilities and systems tend to pile up, sometimes to the point of becoming overwhelming.

At Nexus, you can meet countless individuals who are in the exact same position as you are. These are people you can call to ask for help when you need to get out of a jam, or input when you’re thinking of trying out a new idea.

4. Consultation: Meet experts who know how to solve your problems.

Nexus is a special opportunity to get one-on-one time with ARCHIBUS technical staff, including support staff, development leaders, and specialized experts. Ask about what solutions are out there, discuss a problem that you’ve been working on, or explore different ways to achieve specific goals. The ARCHIBUS staff have seen it all, and know the product inside out.

5. The Cutting Edge: Grab new opportunities early for a competitive edge.

Nexus is your chance to see what new features and innovations are coming to the technology itself, so you can maintain your competitive edge. The ARCHIBUS staff are constantly responding to community needs and pushing the software to enhance its impact on your organization. See what vision lies ahead, and make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunities shaping the future of the industry.

6. Reinvigoration: Bring back energy, skills, and ideas.

Never dismiss Nexus’ ability to inspire attendees to pump the gas when they get back to work. Real estate and facilities management has such breadth, but we often get entrenched in our corners by the daily grind. Nexus gets our head above the trees, showing us where we can go and giving us all of the tools we need to get there. The impact generates a contagious excitement, clarity, and confidence that can breathe new life into your efforts.

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