Introduction to Serraview 3.0 | Online – May 11 – 13

Designed for Archibus Business Partners and clients who are considering enhancing their Archibus portfolio with Serraview. Includes several hands-on ‘walkthroughs’ of key features within Serraview, specifically it’s space management (Space Viewer), visual block and stacking (VBS), moves or ‘relocations’ (BOS), client portal, and IoT solutions. The course provides a broad overview of the ‘workpoint’-focused space planning and real-time utilization reporting of Serraview. Participants will spend a majority of the course exploring the functional and reporting capabilities of the applications. The course concludes with a discussion of the scenarios for integrating the two systems – and enjoying the best Serraview and Archibus have to offer.

Duration: 3 – 2 hour sessions

Session 1:

Space Planning

  • Serraview Introduction
  • Data transfer Methods
  • Buildings and Floors
  • Floorplan Management
  • Space Viewer
  • Visual Block and Stack

Session 2:

Space Planning (cont.)

  • Updating Occupancy with Workplace
  • Storage, Lockers, and Parking
  • Serraview Accommodation Reporting
  • Badge Data
  • Serraview Utilization Reporting

Session 3:

Relocations and Wayfinding

  • Service Requests
  • Scenario Planning
  • Bodies on Seats (BOS)
  • Wayfinding with Serraview Locator

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