Personalizing the User Experience | Online – June 29 – July 1, 2020

Designed for IT and Archibus administrators responsible for configuring Archibus Web Central and mobile apps. The course is focused on the first 30 seconds of the user experience…yes, just the first 30 seconds! This is because for most user experiences, the first 30 seconds will determine the level of future engagement with the tool. Getting that right for each user type is key to building a tool that people want to use. This course is going to touch on the configurations that will help you optimize the use of Archibus in your organization. Specifically, the course will touch on options for: linking to and authenticating with Web Central, branding Web Central and Home Pages using CSS (and LESS) and company logos, leveraging ‘color schemes’, assigning menus to different user types, using localization to translate ‘Archibus English’ into company-specific language, and applying VPA restrictions.

Duration: 3 – 2 hour sessions

Session 1:

Authorization: Users and Roles

Session teaches students how to develop roles and users which is the basis for granting access to menu items and home pages.

Functionality: Processes and Home Pages

Learn how to modify and create process navigator menus and edit and create home pages within the Archibus System.

Session 2:

Auto-Lookup Identifiers – General

Describes how administrators can set look-up fields based on numeric identifiers in views where the primary key field displays code value by default. Implementers can choose “alias” fields to use which real meaning to the end user.

Auto-Lookup Identifiers – Translate to Archibus English

Guidance on how to use the Auto-Lookup Identifiers functionality to translate standard Archibus terminology into organization-specific language

Session 3:

Web Central Branding

Learn how to change color schemes and fonts, and apply organizational logos to the Archibus environment using LESS and CSS

Application Security

Learn how to segregate data, and control visibility or editability on a field-by-field basis within the Archibus applications


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