Security and Performance | Online – June 16 – 17

Designed for IT and Archibus administrators responsible for ensuring Archibus is a safe and secure platform. While much of the security of a system like Archibus is entrenched within the IT networks where it is installed or within the design of the platform itself, there are a variety of considerations to be aware of in order to ensure the open architecture of the system doesn’t lend itself to even accidental vulnerability. In this course, participants will be introduced to a series of checks and configurations they can make to guard against attacks whether from malicious or accidental sources. During the course, participants will be introduced to authentication options, web server configuration, database configuration, SSL set-up, the Spring Security framework, data and password encryption, and application security related to content segregation, field-level security, and conformity with GDPR.

Duration: 2 – 2 hour sessions

Session 1:

Authorization: Users and Roles

Teaches students how to develop roles and users which is the basis for granting access to menu items and home pages.

Functionality: Processes and Home Pages

Learn how to modify and create process navigator menus and edit and create home pages within the Archibus System

Session 2:

Application Security

Learn how to segregate data, and control visibility or editability on a field-by-field basis within the Archibus applications

System Hardening

Learn how to secure a collection of systems that enable the organization to drop or intercept malicious traffic, proper configuration of the application server, and configure the database engine to use complex passwords, disallow direct access to the database, and encrypt/decrypt database passwords used by Archibus to access the database


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