TR120w – Asset Management & Building Operations | Online – June 24 – 27, 2019 (Live Webinars)

The 4-part Asset and Building Operations Management course is an intensive webinar series designed to give participants an understanding of ARCHIBUS’ capabilities for lifecycle asset management. After a brief overview, the course provides in-depth, hands-on experience focused on teaching the data requirements, industry standards, and business processes for maintaining an inventory of assets from acquisition to disposal (decommissioning).

Note: Web-based sessions require students spend 1 to 2 hours after each session in self-study and include an additional hour at the beginning of each session for an interactive question-and-answer period. An on-line environment is provided for self-study.

Duration: 4, 2-hour web sessions (with 3 additional hours for Q&A)

Prerequisite: TR101 Foundations (or equivalent experience)

Course topics:

Monday, 2:00 pm EST, Session 1 – Overview & Administration

  • Asset Management Domain Overview
  • Asset Types, Components, and Industry Standards

Tuesday, 2:00 pm EST, Session 2 – Asset Management

  • Asset Registration and Commissioning
  • Lifecycle and Disposal Analysis

Wednesday, 2:00 pm EST, Session 3 –Maintenance Overview

  • Building Operations Domain Overview
  • System, Problem, and Workflow Definition

Thursday, 2:00 pm EST, Session 4 – Reactive & Preventive Maintenance

  • On Demand Work
  • Preventive Maintenance

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