The 4-part Real Estate Portfolio and Capital Project Management course is an intensive webinar series designed to give participants an understanding of ARCHIBUS’ capabilities for building, land, and lease management, and space and capital planning. After a brief overview, the course provides in-depth, hands-on experience focused on teaching the data requirements, industry standards, and business processes for managing an inventory of real property assets, forecasting space requirements, and supporting the capital planning cycle.

Note: Web-based sessions require students spend 1 to 2 hours after each session in self-study and include an additional hour at the beginning of each session for an interactive question-and-answer period. An on-line environment is provided for self-study.

Duration: 4, 2-hour web sessions (with 3 additional hours for Q&A)

Prerequisite: TR101 Foundations (or equivalent experience)

Tuesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 1 – Overview & AdministrationCourse topics:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Domain Overview
  • Real Property Inventory and Industry Standards

Wednesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 2 – Lease & Cost Administration

  • Lease Administration
  • Financial Transaction Management

Thursday, 10:00 am EST, Session 3 – Capital Planning

  • Capital Project Management Domain Overview
  • Programs, Template Projects, and Budgets

Friday, 10:00 am EST, Session 4 – Project Management

  • Project Execution and Management
  • Contract Management
  • Capital Planning

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