The 4-part ARCHIBUS “System Administration: Foundations” course is an intensive webinar series that covers how to install and configure the ARCHIBUS environment and to control the user experience. The course covers topics like installation, configuration, user set-up, security, and report creation. This course is designed for the ARCHIBUS administrator, and system administrator responsible for installing the software, maintaining system integrity, and designing menus and reports.

Note: Web-based sessions require students spend 1 to 2 hours after each session in self-study and include an additional hour at the beginning of each session for an interactive question-and-answer period. An on-line environment is provided for self-study.

Duration: 4, 2-hour web sessions (with 3 additional hours for Q&A)

Prerequisite: TR101 Foundations (or equivalent experience)

Course topics:

Tuesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 1 – Installation & Configuration

  • Overview
  • Database and Web Application Server Installation
  • ARCHIBUS installation and project configuration
  • User and Role Creation

Wednesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 2 – Menu & Report Design

  • Menu Design and Process Assignment
  • Report Design with the View Definition Wizard

Thursday, 10:00 am EST, Session 3 – Connectors & Home Pages

  • Introduction to Connectors (for ERP integration)
  • Home Page Design

Friday, 10:00 am EST, Session 4 – Security & Drawings

  • Security: Virtual Private ARCHIBUS (VPA)
  • CAD & BIM Configuration (time permitting)
    • Asset Layers and Text
    • Drawing Management

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