TR330w – Add-In Development: Advanced Techniques | Online – October 16-19, 2018 (Live Webinars)

The 4-part ARCHIBUS “Add-In Development: Advanced Techniques” course is an intensive webinar series exploring the Web Central interface and underlying technology. This course teaches how to extend the interface in order to design custom workflows and calculations, send email notifications, add HTML and CSS components, compile code, etc.  This course is designed for the experienced ARCHIBUS integrator responsible for customizing the interface and business workflow. ARCHIBUS recommends that participants have experience with at least one application and strongly recommends participation in TR320.

Note: Web-based sessions require students spend 1 to 2 hours after each session in self-study and include an additional hour at the beginning of each session for an interactive question-and-answer period. An on-line environment is provided for self-study. 

Duration: 4, 2-hour web sessions (with 3 additional hours for Q&A)

Prerequisite: TR320 recommended and good knowledge of JavaScript and JAVA mandatory.

Course Topics:

Tuesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 1 – JavaScript API

  • JavaScript and the “Kit of Parts”
  • JavaScript API

Wednesday, 10:00 am EST, Session 2 – Tabs

  • Working with Tabs
    • Restrictions
    • Storing Values
    • Selecting Tabs

Thursday, 10:00 am EST, Session 3 – JAVA API

  • Development Environment
    • Eclipse Development Environment
    • Workflow Rule API
    • Compiling JAVA Classes

Friday, 10:00 am EST, Session 4 – Workflow Rules

  • Workflow Rules
  • Invoking Workflow Rules
  • Event Handler Classes
  • Error Handling
  • Datasource Programming
  • Sending Email Notifications

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