ARCHIBUS Solution Centers
"If a computer virus threatens the hospital, we can easily pull up the names of all the PCs that might be susceptible, as well as the IP address that’s propagating the virus. This saves enormous amounts of time that would otherwise be spent walking to the floor and manually tracing the networks—and every second counts in a situation like that."
John Iocca
Communications Technician
St. John’s Hospital

Facilities and Real Estate Management Software Consulting from ARCHIBUS Solution Centers: Global Reach, Industry Expertise

The ARCHIBUS Solution Centers program is an elite network of qualified real estate, construction, infrastructure, facilities management, and business technology consultants who provide ARCHIBUS-related products and services to clients.

ARCHIBUS Solution Center (ASC) program members are required to meet ARCHIBUS, Inc.'s high standards when delivering their products and best-of-class services. In return, they collaborate with ARCHIBUS, Inc.'s technical team and add value to their clients' ARCHIBUS implementations in the form of add-on products, consulting expertise, technology transfer, and support services.

Some of the ARCHIBUS Solution Centers within the ARCHIBUS Federated Ecosystem include:

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