LOOF Launches as Portal to FM Opportunities for Students and Professionals

EuroFM and the ARCHIBUS Foundation announced the launch of the LOOF platform at the European Facilities Management Conference in Sofia

Written by Ian Gelling

In a joint initiative with the ARCHIBUS Foundation, EuroFM announced the launch of LOOF, an industry-wide platform where everyone can share opportunities for professional and educational development in Facilities Management (FM).

What is LOOF?

There are a lot of opportunities to share in our industry, but it can be difficult to make them visible to the right people. As a community portal, LOOF connects all stakeholders to a place to find or post FM/IWMS opportunities in research, internships, or even full time positions.

So LOOF is for everyone: from those in education and research, to FM practitioners and professionals and the industry bodies.

Why do we need LOOF?

Property and Facilities Management as a profession is at a crossroads. There are many pressures on our industry. These include the sheer pace of technological change, the evolution of working practices, and a growing gig economy. There is even a blossoming trend to redefine what we actually mean by well-used terms such as FM and Workplace.

These topics have featured in many industry forums and conferences over recent times and their consideration tends to lead to simple conclusions. Talent retention and development in our industry is paramount. Developing and nurturing the FM industry as a community is the key to demonstrating that opportunities exist.

The market for talent is competitive!

At the recent European Facilities Management Conference in Sofia I had a conversation with a research student that lifted the lid on these issues.  When asked why she had engaged in a Degree in Facilities Management, the answer was unexpected.

Rather than seeing it as a path to a career in our industry she saw it as a robust baseline that allowed her to look at a wide range of future options. In her case a career in Event Management was her goal.

It is imperative that we offer people like her a future in FM. LOOF will give people like her visibility of the available opportunities.

What else will LOOF offer?

LOOF will also develop into a true community portal allowing us to nurture stakeholders, build a knowledge base and reinforce the idea of FM as a profession. There is an identity crisis in some parts of our industry. At EFMC 2018 Chris Moriarty from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) presented a passionate argument as to why that may be. In short we need to let the world know what we mean by Facilities Management; our why, how and what, and shout it from the rooftops!

How can I get involved in LOOF?

Create a profile, and start the conversation!

Ian Gelling is Director of ARCHIBUS Foundation in EMEA

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