Maintenance and Life Cycle Management at the University of the West of England

From automating maintenance work in real-time, to recording intelligence on every asset, UWE is on the cutting edge of data-driven building operations.

Timeline Notes:

00:33 sharing data real-time with subcontractors
01:01 Building trust through transparency
01:45 Life cycle planning for assets

Head of Facilities Technologies, Estates and Facilities Richard Kimber talks about why the University of the West England depends on ARCHIBUS to manage all of its maintenance. With real-time job submission and bid collection capabilities, ARCHIBUS has allowed the university to completely outsource its maintenance and collectively manage vendors and contractors with ease.

ARCHIBUS has helped Richard and his staff cut down on needless communication, without sacrificing insights or actionability. Richard discusses how open communication and transparency through ARCHIBUS have created an ethos of trust between facility management staff and contractors. ARCHIBUS has even enabled life cycle planning for the university on a massive scope.



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