Project Management

Manage projects, from an owner’s perspective, so they remain on-schedule and within budget

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Ushering a successful project to its completion-whether it is a renovation, acquisition, construction, or move project-requires a well-organized repository of project data and workflow practices.

ARCHIBUS Project Management gives project team members workflow access to a central storehouse of information that keeps all participants aligned with master planning goals.

This helps ensure that projects remain on-schedule and within budget, while providing valuable benchmarking data for future projects.


Create a central repository for a “Top-Down” perspective of program and project priorities, actions, and costs

Facilitate a collaborative process to allow project members to synchronize information at different locations or organizational units

Provide clear, weighted performance scorecard views of multiple programs and/or projects to identify late or over-budget components at a glance

Streamline project oversight via consolidated views displaying milestones, tasks, and status changes to all project members

Reduce administrative burden by leveraging existing data

Manage projects, from an owner’s perspective, so they remain on-schedule and within budget




Master the capital budget cycle to achieve improved, centralized strategic planning across the organization.


Track and effectively manage deferred maintenance liabilities to mitigate risk and enable a closed loop process in taking corrective actions.


Collect, coordinate and share building information to identify and correct design/build issues prior to occupancy.

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