AMD Tracked 250 Data Points to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of 39 Facilities

Advanced Micro Devices Achieving Ambitious Sustainability Goals with ARCHIBUS


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a Fortune 500 manufacturer of computer processors, including microprocessors, graphic processors and other semiconductor-based components for both consumers and businesses. AMD’s products can be found in servers, workstations, mobile devices, televisions, game consoles and other embedded systems.

AMD itself is in the forefront of major corporations taking a technology –forward approach to managing its properties and reducing its carbon footprint at 39 facilities worldwide. That portfolio of properties totals more than 2 million square feet which are occupied by over 10,000 employees.

An accurate picture of AMD’s many and complex facilities and management processes has gone through an evolutionary process over the years with ARCHIBUS Building Operations, Space, and Lease Management applications implemented first. More recently, ARCHIBUS Service Desk was introduced along with enhanced, global Building Operations, Preventive Maintenance, and Space Management applications. Asset Management and the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework were then added, prior to the company’s turn toward a greener future with the introduction of an expanded environmental health and safety initiative.

We have been reporting on over 250 environmental health and safety data points and our 2020 goals are for 25% renewable energy use and a 20% absolute greenhouse gas reduction.

Advanced Micro Devices
Heather O’Cleirigh - Senior Manager of Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Going Green with ARCHIBUS EH&S Applications

A company with both oce and manufacturing facilities, AMD have a broad range – over two dozen – of environmental inputs and outputs to monitor, from electricity and water use to greenhouse gas emissions and refrigerant tracking, and more.

“AMD has a long legacy of promoting corporate responsibility in a number of areas as demonstrated by our 20 years of reporting, setting and meeting environmental health and safety goals,” says Heather O’Cleirigh, AMD’s Senior Manager – Health, Safety, Security & Environment.

“We have been reporting on over 250 environmental health and safety data points and our 2020 goals are for 25% renewable energy use and a 20% absolute greenhouse gas reduction.”

To track its compliance goals, AMD implemented the ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) application. ARCHIBUS EH&S enables managers to quickly associate incidents with locations, equipment, and personnel and easily link employee training records and/or medical monitoring to these same incidents. As part of a comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety management program, this application is a critical tool to help document evidence of compliance for internal standards or external regulatory requirements.

ARCHIBUS Energy Management and Green Building applications became the foundation for the company’s main sustainability initiatives.

ARCHIBUS Energy Management provides the means to easily aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption and costs. Unlike spreadsheets or nance software alone, Energy Management helps users correlate and manage extensive cost data with real-time facility and infrastructure portfolio information to track energy expenditures against a business plan or objective benchmarks.

Robust Green Building and Hazardous Materials Applications

Energy Management is complemented by ARCHIBUS Green Building, an application that delivers a highly versatile and robust Web-based platform to provide the information framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing the environmental sustainability certication and recertification process. The application helps guide users through the processes of defining environmental criteria and protocols, collecting portfolio data, and evaluating results to help make informed and cost-effective decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

Finally, to meet worker safety requirements, AMD uses the ARCHIBUS Hazardous Materials application to provide instant updates and access to SDS information from anywhere, store lists of chemical products used in workplaces, and catalog their SDS.

It also integrates materials inventories, space and occupancy data, equipment inventories, and organizational information with site- and floor-plan graphics, providing the most complete information to execute a plan of action to avert a crisis. The ARCHIBUS set of environmental applications replaced AMD’s Entropy system. Unlike Entropy, ARCHIBUS applications were able to deliver: automatic entry of default emission factors; illness and injury reporting; seamless integration with space and employee data; and – perhaps most importantly – full global site access to ARCHIBUS data.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)


Sunnyvale, California

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39 facilities worldwide totaling more than 2 million square feet and supporting over 10,000 employees

  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Green Building
  • Energy Management
  • Mobile Framework
  • Portfolio Management and Lease Administration bundle
  • On Demand Work, Preventive Maintenance
  • Cost Administration
  • Space Inventory & Performance
  • Personnel & Occupancy
  • Asset Portal
  • Enterprise Move Management

Targeted rigorous sustainability and compliance goals, includnig 25% renewable energy use and a 20% absolute greenhouse gas reduction by 2020. Determined to improve overall facilities management.

Enhanced compliance and reduced carbon footprint of 39 facilities with streamlined processes.

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