First National Bank Gains $120K+ in Annual Value with Space and Real Estate Strategy

Largest Privately Owned US Banking Company Invests in ARCHIBUS

The Challenge

First National of Nebraska Inc. and its subsidiary, First National Bank of Omaha, have been on a growth trajectory for some time. That growth has made them the largest privately owned banking company in the United States. First National and its affiliates comprise of $21 billion in managed assets, more than 7,500 employee associates located in 35 states, and primary banking offices located in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas.

First National’s growth had led it to a pivotal period,  with goals of transitioning from leased to owned property, implementing a space strategy to accommodate organizational expansion, and increasing facility-related accountability. This led First National to the decision that it was time to develop their ARCHIBUS facilities management system.

“Whenever we are challenged with a business need, we ask the question ‘Can ARCHIBUS be used for this?’” says First National Bank of Omaha’s Mindy Tene, Manager of Facility Systems at the bank’s services group, First National Buildings Inc. (FNBI).

The answer over the years has been an emphatic “Yes.”

New Needs, New Capabilities

Prior to the implementation of ARCHIBUS in the late 1990s, FNBI’s space data was maintained manually, which often resulted in inaccurate or inconsistent information.

The maintenance and operations systems then in place, furthermore, did not tie directly back into the building portfolio information or provide the access and detail that was increasingly important for management purposes. In addition, the lack of a preventative maintenance system had them responding to exponentially more – and more costly – equipment failures. Another point of pain, parking management for over 2,500 parking stalls (in various Omaha parking garages and lots) also presented a challenge, as did establishing a reliable methodology for overall strategic master planning.

All of these functions and more were eventually centralized in ARCHIBUS, allowing the company to identify future budgetary and space needs, track work orders, and view portfolio inventory in order to, track more than 356 active lease proles and manage over 400 service contracts.

“In addition to the out-of-the-box functionality, we liked the open architecture that allows us to work with our Business Partner, BRG, to develop entirely new applications that leverage ARCHIBUS core capabilities, ”Tene points out. “As a result, we have built a truly multidimensional tool that is central to our business operations.”

ARCHIBUS basic capabilities and open platform create a fully unified environment for us… Our occupancy tracking is now well over 95% accurate month to month, too… And ARCHIBUS has also allowed us to go to a monthly, rather than a quarterly rent cycle due to our increased efficiencies.

First National Bank
Mindy Tene, Manager of Facility Systems

Driving Business Transformation Today

Today, ARCHIBUS is used to drive all of First National’s central facility management processes. The FNBI service group now manages building assets and space, capital projects, and on-demand and preventive maintenance work orders for over 197 major building and retail branch locations.

Additionally, the group uses ARCHIBUS to support related responsibilities that also fall under the FNBI management umbrella, including maintaining detailed employee location and emergency contact data, warehouse inventory (furniture and equipment), parking management, tracking First National’s artwork portfolio, and overseeing the large number of service contacts.

“Our web portal, which is accessible on the corporate intranet, is used to perform such diverse tasks as placing and managing maintenance requests, fullling warehousing transactions, requesting and reporting on capital project activities, and completing space forecasting surveys with the business units,” adds Tene. “We have also recently enhanced our maintenance processes with an ARCHIBUS BlackBerry-based solution called Nomad, from Business Partner Horizant, to streamline maintenance dispatch and fulllment.”

ARCHIBUS Flexibility a Unique Value

FNBI believes a unique value of ARCHIBUS has been a exibility that has recently permitted enhancement of the basic system with wireless and other add-on and customized applications. “BlackBerry implementation for FNBI’s engineers, for example, has oered a tremendous boost in responsiveness and eciency to the work request experience,” Tene confirms.

“All of this, plus ARCHIBUS basic capabilities and open platform, create a fully unied environment for us. We look forward to utilizing Web Central and expect the implementation of dashboard technology will help keep our users and management teams better informed with graphical views of real-time data to help them manage more insightfully and eciently.”

ARCHIBUS is also delivering real savings. Because of the system’s centralized and accurate data and improved business processes, FNBI estimates that it is gaining from $60,000 to $70,000 annually in operating effciencies. The Nomad work order maintenance solution is expected to add an additional $50,000 annual gain from improved productivity.

“Our occupancy tracking is now well over 95% accurate month to month, too,” says FNBI’s facilities manager. “And ARCHIBUS has also allowed us to go to a monthly, rather than a quarterly, rent cycle due to our increased effciencies. Going forward, we are especially excited to implement more applications in a Web Central environment, as well as expand our use of dashboards, implement new online floor plans, and utilize more survey functionality.”


First National Bank of Omaha


Omaha, Nebraska



4 million sq. ft., 197 buildings, 2,500 parking spaces, 7,500 employees, 356+ active lease profiles. Annual facilities budget $17,000,000+

  • Real Property & Lease Management
  • Space Management
  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Building Operations Management
  • Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD & Revit
  • Furniture & Equipment Management
  • Web Central
  • Centralized, accurate data with Web-access
  • Improved decision support
  • $120,000+ gain in annual operating efficiencies
  • 95% accuracy in occupancy statistics
  • Improved preventive maintenance/customer satisfaction

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