Take an Integrated Approach to Mitigating COVID-19

Keep your workplace running and your employees safe.

Create and deliver your workplace strategy with confidence. Archibus software integrates data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe.


Consolidate space, track occupancy, and explore alternative space plans


Automate workplace reservations and services


Reduce the time, cost, and labor of maintenance


Extend asset life cycles with a complete asset strategy


Track, evaluate, and manage your real estate portfolio


Connect stakeholders and deliver large projects on time and on budget


Streamline compliance, and enhance sustainability

Scale Into a Market Leading System of Workplace Solutions

Archibus provides comprehensive systems for optimizing your built environment, whether you’re keeping up with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing your environment to bring out the best in your people. Start simple, and evolve into a system that keeps your organization at the forefront of innovation.

Optimize space with block and stack planning that solves for future needs, and advanced tools for complex move projects.

Group teams and occupants into a plan that supports their goals while enhancing real estate capacity.

Maximize operational ROI with a preventive maintenance system that prioritizes labor schedules and projects to be more effective.

Empower employees to choose their spaces with a reservations system for booking meeting spaces, hot desking, and making requests.

Plan for a variety of activity-based settings to avoid noisy open offices. Put people first, while enhancing capacity with shared spaces.

Close work orders effectively with a mobile system that enables craftspersons to view and update critical data in the field.

Centralize leases Into one system that streamlines classification, payments, chargebacks, and financial analysis.

Enhance sustainability by tracking energy and utilities across your portfolio, while streamlining green initiatives like LEED certification.

Avoid lost, underused, or broken down assets with a centralized system for managing equipment, furniture, systems, part and more.

“The ARCHIBUS system is recognized company-wide for its integrity. Without quality data we cannot accurately manage our space.”

51% of Seats are Unused at Any Given Moment

While most organizations prioritize space in cost-savings initiatives, we know that 51% of assigned seats are unused at any given moment. Unassigned spaces, poor density planning, and spaces that don’t reflect workplace needs further strain real estate portfolios, and so do ballooning maintenance costs, or poorly negotiated leases. Archibus provides the insight and automation necessary to optimize your portfolio to support your budget and your people.

Drive Performance with Strategic Insight

Foster continuous improvement with insights on workplace performance. Enable integrated metrics and data models that paint a full picture of costs, activities, occupancy, and needs. Identify opportunities for quick savings, stay ahead of trends, and connect stakeholders under a single mission.

Configure role-based dashboards to reflect the metrics, trends, and alerts most critical to your mission.

Understand how much it costs to lease, maintain, and operate your portfolio in one view.

Generate your own reports with endless ways to filter data and analyze performance.

Use 3D building information models to align stakeholders, from construction through operations.

Continuous Improvement

Archibus is dedicated to providing the most powerful and intuitive platform to empower users. We continue to enhance our offering based on new technology and best practices in the market.

What’s New

35 Years of Proven Success

As the originators of IWMS technology, Archibus has unparalleled leadership in driving workplace performance with technology. That’s why Archibus is trusted by the world’s leading organizations.

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Consult with Leading Experts for Every Industry

The Archibus network boasts a global network of experts in workplace technology across education, healthcare, business and government. Schedule a personal consultation to learn which system is best suited to supporting your specific goals.

Discover how you can maximize the strategic value of your built environment.

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