Designed to Integrate

Ensure a centralized and accurate data repository, no matter what systems you use.

Archibus Applications

Archibus applications share one database – update one, update them all

ERP Systems

Integrate with any ERP system, including HR and financial systems


Integrate with IoT sensors and cameras, from smart buildings to smart cities

Archibus Extensions and Framework

Unleash the power of 2D and 3D BIM, GIS, and more.

Web Central 3D Navigator

Integrate building models and data for full building and asset lifecycle management from initial design/build to real estate, facility and business operational processes.

Smart Client Ext for AutoCAD & Revit

Integrate facilities and infrastructure data with BIM models over the Web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting.

Geospatial Extension for ESRI

Link facility and infrastructure data with the intuitive power of geospatial technology to make informed decisions.

Mobile Framework

Accelerate service delivery with secure, real-time access to Archibus data from smart phones and tablets.

Performance Metrics Framework

Delivers KPIs, trends, and other performance data about your real estate, infrastructure and facilities operations and their finances.

ARCHIBUS Ext for Builder SMS

Integrate the inventory and analysis of BUILDER with the user-friendly interface, data, reporting, KPI metrics, strategic analysis, and workflow of Archibus.

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