BIM to FM Software: Integration and Tools

In a time when optimizing facility performance, comfort, and sustainability is top of mind, the native integration between Autodesk’s AEC Collection and iOFFICE + SpaceIQ’s Archibus IWMS delivers superior support.

By unifying BIM design and construction data with FM operations insights and workflows, building owners and operators have the means to make smarter facility decisions for the future.


Enable Scalability

As the demand for more agile facilities grows, the integration between Autodesk and Archibus offers the tools to create future-ready workplaces that are flexible and resilient.


Accelerate Deployment

Rich building information is inherently tied to enterprise databases, with any changes or additions made in Autodesk simultaneously reflected in Archibus — and vice versa.


Boost Productivity

With occupancy and operations workflows no longer fragmented, building owners and operators can get the visibility they need to efficiently plan and manage physical assets.


Deliver Meaningful Results

Access to rich data and better collaboration empowers project stakeholders to improve the design and construction of future buildings and fuel more efficient post-occupancy operations.

Combine BIM and FM Software Tools

The success of building projects is impacted by many stakeholders — including the facility managers who oversee critical building systems.

The marriage of BIM and facility management software provides a seamless way for facility managers to garner physical information about the building that helps inform data-driven decisions.


Save Time Toggling Between Systems

Live bi-directional links between Autodesk Revit® models and your facilities data means you don’t have to go back and forth between systems to update information.


Use BIM Data Without BIM Experience

With the ability to publish from Revit into Archibus, facility managers don’t need to have BIM experience to use Revit floor plans in their day-to-day tasks.

Manage spaces through Archibus & Revit Software

Space management has a direct impact on a building’s costs. Embedding design and construction data into space planning enables facility managers to more effectively manage real estate costs and make the optimal use of space.

You can then apply these insights to future building designs to create a more seamless hand-off process.


Scale Your Space Management Efforts

Link space, equipment, asset, and portfolio inventories to multiple buildings instead of just one, so you can simultaneously manage space for multiple locations.


Streamline Plans for Growth

Develop spreadsheet-like summaries of architectural programs based on headcount, expected department growth, storage needs, and more — and then allocate this space to floors.

Simplify asset maintenance with Archibus & Autodesk

Stored inside BIM systems is key information concerning building equipment and assets  — information that can be valuable in developing maintenance plans.

Unifying BIM and FM data helps facility managers develop cohesive and fluid processes to manage the lifecycle of critical assets, without the hassle of transferring data between multiple systems.


Simplify SLA Management

Save yourself the time of having to manage maintenance for one department or location by employing enterprise-wide SLAs for maintenance management and other services.


Optimize Maintenance Effort

Connect as-built documentation with maintenance management processes to simplify maintenance planning and let technicians know the precise locations of assets within a building.

“When somebody asks for a certain room type or category type, I can pull up that information, run a report, and have everything formatted in five or 10 minutes with Archibus. If I were to do that in Revit, it would probably take an hour or two. Using a CAD approach, it would take a full day.”

Michael DuLaney, BIM Manager, UCHealth

Case Study: UCHealth Finds a More Seamless Way to Be Successful Throughout a Building’s Lifecycle

From simplifying the management of data reports and requests to managing occupancy in the hybrid work environment, UCHealth is making greater use of Archibus today — in conjunction with Revit BIM data — to maximize building performance and stay agile for the future.