Secure Data

Protect your data with high security standards.


Configure your interface and terminology to match your unique workflow.

Integration Connectors

Reconcile and validate data from multiple systems to centralize.

Archibus Product Domains

Space Planning Management

Building Operations & Maintenance

Sustainability & Risk Management

Workplace Services

Personnel & Occupancy

Optimize occupancy by allocating space to individuals, and groups across sites. Increase capacity with shared Team Space.

Space Chargeback

Chargeback space to enhance accountability and consolidate your footprint.

Enterprise Move Management

Coordinate moves for groups and individuals. Centralize requests and see moves through to completion.

Space Inventory

Centralize and sort your space inventory into an AutoCAD integrated system with deep data.

Strategic Space Planning

Optimize space across sites with visual planning tools. Test scenarios and forecast needs with real data.

Corrective Work

React with speed and precision to unforeseen maintenance requests, with a seamless mobile experience for staff on the ground.

Preventive Maintenance

Plan a proactive maintenance strategy to prevent costly breakdowns with regularly scheduled upkeep, a streamlined labor planner, and optimization metrics.

Condition Assessment

Assess the condition of buildings and equipment through mobile surveys that feed critical data into your maintenance system.

Sustainability Assessment

Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals.


Track and manage energy use to control costs, reduce carbon footprint, and mitigate risk.

Green Building

Achieve carbon footprint and environmental sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio.


Track and manage waste streams from generation through disposition to minimize health and regulatory risk.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure business continuity and expedited recovery in the event of a disaster.


Manage complex compliance requirements proactively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments, and reduce administrative burdens.

Hazard Abatement

Streamline the time-consuming and highly-regulated process of identifying and abating indoor environmental hazards.

Health & Safety

Gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions.

Hazardous Materials

Retrieve material safety information quickly to help protect individuals from hazardous chemicals and reduce regulatory compliance costs.


Connect staff to one system for reserving meeting rooms, booking work stations, and requesting moves and services.


Streamline reservations and scheduling for conference spaces and meeting rooms.

Service Desk

Provide managers a central view of all workplace requests, with metrics and alerts to inform an overall workplace strategy.


Manage workstations and desks by reservation, and enable a fluid workplace that adapts to your daily needs.

Capital Project Management

Real Estate Property

Asset Management

Capital Budgeting

Real estate, infrastructure, building, asset, and project data are shared by managed by many stakeholders. Integrate all systems into Archibus to ensure that budget data is accurately recorded in one place, with key metrics and reports.

Project Management

Implement renovation, acquisition, construction, and move with a system that shares data, connects stakeholders to one central database, from planning through to completion. Standardize workflow, ensure that projects remain on-schedule and within budget, collect valuable benchmarking data for future projects.


Commission buildings with all relevant data accessible to stakeholders, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-builts, shop drawings, maintenance manuals, space plans, and equipment information. View data via web browser or mobile device, and correlate all information to confirm that facilities meet specifications.

Strategic Financial Analysis

Get a financial overview of all capital and operational expenses organization wide, so you can assess total cost of ownership with granular detail.

Portfolio Management

Evaluate costs and occupancy across your entire real estate inventory with visual dashboards and metrics. Run analysis that lets you identify trends and understand how your leases and operations impact your core business.

Advanced Forecasting

Plan ahead with this advanced tool for simulating real estate scenarios. Design strategies for short, medium and long-term needs.

Lease Administration

Centralize and automate lease administration. Sort lease data into multiple perspectives, generate key reports, and stay on top of critical deadlines.

Cost Administration

Sort all of your costs by category, generate key reports, automate payments, and establish a centralized system for cost administration.

Chargeback & Invoicing

Calculate the exact shared cost of building expenses, with automated calculations based on detailed data. Generate accurate reports, automate invoicing with precision and transparency.

Enterprise Asset Management

Integrate strategic real estate planning, capital planning, portfolio project management, finance and operations information to align all assets to an organization's objectives

Asset Management

Optimize the use of all assets throughout their full operational lifecycle, from acceptance through operational use, re-purposing and disposal.

Telecom Assets

Manage every aspect of your network infrastructure to facilitate planning, improve asset management, and enhance customer service.

Additional Offerings

Extensions & Framework

Archibus SaaS

Software Services

Web Central 3D Navigator

Integrate building models and data for full building and asset lifecycle management from initial design/build to real estate, facility and business operational processes.

Smart Client Ext For AutoCAD & Revit

Integrate facilities and infrastructure data with BIM models over the Web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting.

Geospatial Extension For ESRI

Link facility and infrastructure data with the intuitive power of geospatial technology to make informed decisions.

Mobile Framework

Accelerate service delivery with secure, real-time access to Archibus data from smart phones and tablets.

Performance Metrics Framework

Delivers KPIs, trends, and other performance data about your real estate, infrastructure and facilities operations and their finances.

Archibus Ext for Builder SMS

Integrate the inventory and analysis of BUILDER with the user-friendly interface, data, reporting, KPI metrics, strategic analysis, and workflow of Archibus.

SaaS Solutions

Archibus SaaS empowers you with the insights and tools you need to reduce your real estate spend and elevate your employee experience. Start with the essentials in Archibus Foundations, then upgrade to advanced targeted solutions as your workplace strategy evolves.

SaaS Operating Environment

Archibus SaaS operating environment is compatible with Archibus workplace services, web and mobile applications, SmartClient Extension for AutoCAD & Revit.

Software Subscription

The Archibus Software Subscription program is designed to allow you to work confidently with the knowledge that you are using the most up-to-date features and productivity tools available.

Training Services

We offer a variety of online and in-person courses to help you streamline your onboarding process, improve performance and enhance your employees capabilities.

Support Services

We offer a variety of service support plans to fit your enterprise needs. Your local Archibus-trained specialist may also offer additional technical support in your native language and/or time zone.

Implementation & Integration Audit

Evaluate your current system and how its used. 

Receive periodic reviews on optimizing your Archibus solution to achieve further productivity gains and cost savings. Ensure that the right processes are in place to get the most out of your system, and explore potential expansions.

Services Offered:

  • Explore expanding existing implementations
  • Post-implementation results analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis
  • Workflow process review
  • Future technology planning

Opportunity & Technology Audit

Discover what solutions will get you the best results.

Evaluate your needs and capabilities against Best-Practice benchmarks, and find out which technologies and solutions are best suited to enhance your performance. Discover how you can generate savings and increase productivity in the short and long-term.

Services Offered:

  • Explore potential solutions
  • Return-on-Investment analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Workflow process
  • Technology evaluation
  • Global deployment consultation

Supported Languages

No Customization Needed

Archibus supports the following languages out-of-the-box. If your primary language is not listed below, a localization kit can be used to translate into any language.


  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Simplified Chinese

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