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OnSite Benefits

  • Simplify maintenance request workflows
  • Streamline communication with and between technicians
  • Save time by getting technicians to the right spots with the right information
  • Improve service levels and asset health
  • Enforce accountability with activity logs and unlimited comments
  • Update work orders even when technicians are offline
  • Empower technicians to self-assign work orders

OnSite Features


Customizable work request management

Don’t waste time filling out and completing paper-based work orders. Archibus OnSite allows you to digitize the work request process with workflows you can directly configure to meet your needs.


In-App connections and floor plan integrations

Archibus OnSite connects to features including Space, GIS, and Assets. Easily see floor plans, site maps, and complete asset inventories and maintenance histories, making wayfinding and asset life cycle management easier.


Multi-Channel communications

Directly call, message, or email requestors or technicians from the OnSite app. Technicians can then add comments and photos or even tag stakeholders. Thanks to configurable push notifications, techs stay on top of critical, deadline-driven tasks.


Anywhere access to equipment documents and data

Access complete asset histories for better informed asset maintenance decisions, compliance documentation, and condition assessments.


Activity logs and bar codes

Connect assets and work orders with quick bar code scanning. Archibus Onsite makes it easy to see who is doing what and when, so you can track progress on every work request.


Complete compliance checklists

With configurable compliance checklists, technicians can easily adhere to safety and regulatory compliance items while doing scheduled maintenance and inspections.


Localization and hardware

Archibus OnSite is now localized in 6 languages and works on both smartphones and tablets.


Offline work order management

Whether your technicians are in your offices or out in the field, they need to be able to access and update work orders. OnSite works without an internet connection, and syncs automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable data when your techs travel.


Empower Technicians

With self-assign functionality, OnSite allows technicians to choose work orders from their team’s assignments. The app will also notify technicians if they’ve left their automatic timer running or if they’ve hit their hours limit for the day.

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airport of rome

“The main results currently include up to 30% savings in data collection, management and updates on our retail concessions and other spaces, plus as much as 80% savings on data calculation and updates for our regulatory accounting responsibilities.”

Marco Loddo - Head of Heritage and Land Registry, Aeroporti di Roma

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hamilton country

“Archibus is saving money for us in many ways, by more accurately tracking our assets as well as their condition and costs, identifying surplus space, improving management of our fleet of vehicles, and aiding safety and business continuity by responding to emergencies more effectively.”

Ralph Linne - Director of County Facilities, Hamilton County

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“It is estimated, for example, that 70% of BIM value is realized in operations management using EIM. Space and asset utilization has also been optimized through automated real-time property and asset management analysis. In addition, better equipment tracking is now possible through a reliable and dynamic database.”

Wuhan Metro

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