Managing waste streams, particularly hazardous waste, is often fraught with risk and possible negative outcomes, if handled poorly.

Organizations need not only to cope with the often burdensome regulatory paperwork, but also to avoid the risk of errors, omissions, and accidents that can lead to injuries, penalties and/or potential litigation.

Web-based Archibus Waste provides a streamlined and integrated approach to tracking, managing, and reducing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

It helps smoothly process the information flow, starting from the point of generation, through accumulation, storage, shipment or emission, and final disposition.

And it provides defensible information to assess the effectiveness of waste reduction and recycling programs that, in turn, help reduce carbon footprint and increase LEED™ or other sustainability scores.


  • Simplify the process for tracking and managing hazardous waste streams to sustain a safe working environment
  • Decrease the risk of fines or litigation surrounding hazardous waste storage and disposal procedures
  • Increase the visibility and improves accountability for waste reduction or recycling initiatives to help reduce carbon footprint and improve LEED or other sustainability scores
  • Reduce the cost and effort of satisfying waste audit and reporting requirements

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