Optimize your real estate portfolio with metrics, automation, and BIM/GIS/CAD integration

Strategic Financial Analysis

Get a financial overview of all capital and operational expenses organization wide, so you can assess total cost of ownership with granular detail. Drill into costs on all leases, fixed assets, maintenance, utilities and more. Evaluate financial impact of all operations.

Portfolio Management

Evaluate costs and occupancy across your entire real estate inventory with visual dashboards and metrics. Run analysis that lets you identify trends and understand how your leases and operations impact your core business.

Advanced Portfolio Forecasting

Plan ahead with this advanced tool for simulating real estate scenarios. Design strategies for short, medium and long-term needs.

Lease Administration

Centralize and automate lease administration. Sort lease data into multiple perspectives, generate key reports, and stay on top of critical deadlines.

Cost Administration

Sort all of your costs by category, generate key reports, automate payments, and establish a centralized system for cost administration.

Cost Chargeback & Invoicing

Calculate the exact shared cost of building expenses, with automated calculations based on detailed data. Generate accurate reports, automate invoicing with precision and transparency.

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