Ensure that your organization is safe for people and good for the planet

Ensure Safety and Wellness

The safety and well-being of your staff depends on a comprehensive understanding of the risks in your environment. Track risks for campuses, buildings, and materials, and take steps to ensure the well-being of occupants.

Promote Sustainability

Reducing your ecological footprint means understanding the impact your organization has on the environment and tracking the key processes involved, from energy to waste.

Avoid Regulatory Penalties

Compliance requires accurate information, reporting, and the tools to correct problem areas. Integrate insight with solutions for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Sustainability Assessment

Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals


Track and manage energy use to control costs, reduce carbon footprint, and mitigate risk

Green Building

Achieve carbon footprint and environmental sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio.


Track and manage waste streams from generation through disposition to minimize health and regulatory risk.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure business continuity and expedited recovery in the event of a disaster.


Manage complex compliance requirements proactively to help mitigate risk, ensure safe work environments, and reduce administrative burdens

Hazard Abatement

Streamline the time-consuming and highly-regulated process of identifying and abating indoor environmental hazards.

Health & Safety

Gain control over workplace safety incidents, personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions.

Hazardous Materials

Retrieve material safety information quickly to help protect individuals from hazardous chemicals and reduce regulatory compliance costs.

Connect Stakeholders to One Mission

Ensure that your campuses, buildings, and work spaces drive your mission forward. Maximize the value of your built environment on one platform that connects insights, roles and goals.

  • Enable your workforce with a dynamic workplace
  • Optimize your space and real estate
  • Enhance operations with a proactive strategy

Ensure Success with a Global Network of Experts

ARCHIBUS is trusted by industry leaders around the world, with a proven track record of delivering results.



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