Increasing efficiency and reducing errors in performing chargebacks and executing invoicing/receivables processes is essential for reducing the administrative cost of managing properties.

Now both goals can be achieved with the Archibus Chargeback & Invoicing application. This Web-based solution’s sophisticated Wizards enable lease administrators and portfolio managers to automate all real estate-related accounting functions.

The Chargeback Wizard provides users with an intuitive tool for flexible cost allocation to internal cost centers and/or external tenants, while the Invoicing/Receivables Wizard enables accurate, automated billing and payment processes for enhanced account management.


  • Increase cost transparency to improve real estate portfolio decision-making
  • Improve operational efficiency through simplified chargeback/invoice/payment processing
  • Decrease administrative errors with automated chargeback calculations and invoice/payment monitoring
  • Streamline chargeback and invoicing processes through intuitive Wizard-based interfaces

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