Immediate access to accurate personnel and occupancy information can often be a challenge to organizations, especially to those who experience high churn rates or are in the process of expanding or consolidating operations.

Archibus Occupancy provides managers with a web-based means to retrieve the information they need from a central repository and link employee information with related space inventories, drawings, planning strategies, and more.


The result is improved reporting on employee headcounts and locations, average room areas, room availability, space benchmarking, occupancy rates, and other vital knowledge needed to effectively manage an organization’s total cost of occupancy.


  • Provide immediate, accurate reporting of occupancy statistics for space usage and re-balancing purposes
  • Improve forecasting accuracy for future needs based on current room availability and planned occupancy growth
  • Simplify assignment of employees to temporary or permanent available space using highlighted drawings
  • Communicate occupancy information easily through personalized, intuitive Web-based forms, summary tables, and reports
  • Support business results with Archibus Quick-Start, a productivity aid which includes tutorial videos and “How-To” instructions
  • Increase productivity with Archibus All-in-One Home Page with quick access to 80% of most common tasks

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