Asset managers need to provide effective stewardship of assets throughout the full operational lifecycle-from acceptance through operational use, repurposing, and disposal.

Archibus Asset Management provides an integrated view of all assets, including properties, buildings, land, structures, equipment, and furniture.

Asset Management mobile apps provide point-of-activity interfaces for asset acceptance and field surveys, and Web-based consoles provide transparency into key asset lifecycle data to optimize tactical asset management decisions.

These integrated capabilities speed day-to-day decision-making for real estate, infrastructure, and facilities operations.


  • Optimize capital and other asset investments through integrated lifecycle management of asset acquisition, utilization, repurposing, and decommissioning/disposal
  • Improve the use of every asset with centralized lifecycle management and tracking
  • Reduce excess asset inventory with a clear understanding of actual needs
  • Enable better decisions in asset repurposing/replacement choices to avoid unnecessary expenditures
  • Facilitate the decommissioning and/or disposal processes of capital equipment and other assets

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