Optimize space across your entire portfolio to maximize usage and enable your workforce. Streamline moves and ensure everyone is where they need to be.

Plan with Insight

Define and allocate space with an intuitive color-coded display. Group teams together or reclassify offices as meeting rooms to keep up with needs on the ground.

Streamline Individual and Group Moves

Manage all move requests in a single console. Prioritize, approve, and execute requests with the benefit of relevant details and visual planning tools. Plan larger move projects and test scenarios at the scale of campuses and cities.

Increase Capacity with Dynamic Team Space

Replace one-to-one seating ratios with denser neighborhoods of shared team space. Account for remote and part-time staff by allocating seats based on average attendance, and foster an agile work environment.

Get Ahead of Needs and Risks

Stay ahead of needs by tracking occupancy trends, and identifying critical bottlenecks with alerts.  Identify under-performing outliers.

Benchmark Spaces to Optimize Performance

View how space is allocated across divisions, departments, buildings and campuses. Compare spaces to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.

Enhance Accountability with Chargebacks

Chargeback internal departments for the space they use to incentivize consolidation. Maximize real estate and shrink your footprint to reflect your needs.


Space Inventory

Centralize and sort your space inventory into an AutoCAD integrated system with deep data.

Cloud Space Console


Optimize occupancy by allocating space to individuals, and groups across sites. Increase capacity with shared Team Space.


Space Chargeback

Chargeback space to enhance accountability and consolidate your footprint.


Space Planning

Optimize space across sites with visual planning tools. Test scenarios and forecast needs with real data.



Coordinate moves for groups and individuals. Centralize requests and see moves through to completion.

Connect Stakeholders to One Mission

Ensure that your campuses, buildings, and work spaces drive your mission forward. Maximize the value of your built environment on one platform that connects insights, roles and goals.

  • Enable your workforce with a dynamic workplace
  • Optimize your space and real estate
  • Enhance operations with a proactive strategy

Ensure Success with a Global Network of Experts

ARCHIBUS is trusted by industry leaders around the world, with a proven track record of delivering results.



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