Design a space strategy that optimizes real estate, productivity, and culture around your mission

Space Inventory & Performance

Track all space in one system. Sort floor plans and data into a visual inventory with strategic metrics. All space activities depend on a centralized, accurate, and organized view of space.

Personnel & Occupancy

Avoid wasted space. Optimize occupancy by tracking space usage and simplifying how space is assigned to people and teams. Create shared team spaces to enhance capacity.

Space Chargeback

Consolidate space use with accountability by charging departments and teams for the space they use.

Strategic Space Planning

Plan ahead with an advanced simulation tool for forecasting space needs, testing space scenarios, and understanding how different space strategies impact your organization with key metrics.

Enterprise Move Management

Streamline the entire move/add/change process, from single-person to multi-phased moves, to reduce costs and minimize organizational disruption

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