Space Inventory

Assign employees to safe seats that meet social distancing guidelines. Learn more.


Track and manage which employees are working remotely, in cohorts, or coming back-to-work in phases. Learn more.


Let employees to select a desk from a pool of pre-approved, socially distanced spaces. Learn more.

Corrective Work

Automatically schedule room and desk cleanings between reservations to promote a safer work environment for employees. Learn more.


Allow pre-approved rooms reservation that incorporates time before and after a meeting for proper cleaning. Learn more.


Help employees find resources, book meetings and workspaces, access services, and request moves through a convenient desktop or mobile experience. Learn more.

Space Planning

Forecast and plan for large space and occupancy changes at all levels, including portfolio, city, site/campus as well as building and room levels. Learn more.


Streamline your move/add/change processes to support employee safety with minimal organizational disruption. Learn more.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule daily or periodic “deep clean” work orders for specific locations. Learn more.

Health & Safety

Reduce workplace safety incidents and better manage personal protective equipment (PPE), training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions. Learn more.

Asset Management

Provide an integrated view of where to find key assets such as personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, and other equipment. Learn more.

Emergency Preparedness

Implement life-saving and general safety procedures by planning for potential future outbreaks and other disasters. Learn more.


Track and manage COVID-19 hazardous waste from point of generation to final disposition to mitigate errors, omissions, and accidents. Learn more.

Hazard Abatement

Protect employee health and minimize organizational liability by quickly and accurately locating, tracking, and abating hazardous materials. Learn more.


Reduce the chance of virus spread and potential shutdowns that result from inadequate compliance practices. Learn more.

Condition Assessment

Evaluate the condition of critical assets and buildings, initiating remediation work where needed. Learn more.


Provide a central location for employees to manage COVID-related project details, including schedule tracking and budgeting. Learn more.

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